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More snow!

Another Friday, another snowfall. Well, sorta. It’s turned to freezing rain and ice, but earlier in the day we had some big, fat snowflakes. They were quite gorgeous. I never have seen snowflakes that looked so much like…snowflakes!

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Snow day

The slightest bit of snow in the south shuts down schools, wipes out milk supplies at grocery stores and causes general mayhem. Frankly, it’s kinda cool. Here are a few frames from my day of snow coverage.

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Heading to bed soon so I can wake up with the sun to shoot photos of tonight’s snowfall, but I couldn’t resist snapping one out the front door before turning in.

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Last weekend one of my dearest friends in the world turned 30. To celebrate, 13 people and 4 dogs escaped to the mountains just north of Asheville. It was a beautiful weekend with unseasonably warm weather, good food and drink and lovely people. I purposefully left my DSLR in its bag the entire time and only [...]

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Richard Petty

I had the chance recently to hang out with The King himself, Richard Petty. He was in town to deliver a ceremonial Meals on Wheels meal to Mary Lee Slawter to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Senior Services program. He had some help from long-time volunteer Hellen Prichard, who also got a pretty sweet Richard [...]

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